Uncover the benefits of CDD

2-day workshop for your team

Get started with Contract Driven Development (CDD). This 2-day workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to help Developers, Testers, Architects, DevOps and other stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of building complex applications.

Workshop overview

The workshop involves interactive discussions, multimedia content, hands-on exercises and quizzes. We will be covering how we can leverage “API Specifications” (such as OpenAPI) as “Executable Contracts” across various stages of the application development and how it helps each role in the team and collaboration between teams.


Participants will understand the fundamentals of applying “Shift Left” principles to eliminate “Integration Issues” and thereby develop and deploy their Services and Frontend apps independently which inturn leads to quicker time to market.


The course is structured to allow various stakeholders to participate in the training modules relevant to their roles and also have an overall high level understanding of the Contract-Driven Development philosophy.

Leverage API Specifications

Create “Executable Contracts” from your API Specs that can be leveraged across various stages of application development. 

Eliminate Integration Issues

Integration issues are minimized as the project goes through integration testing, ensuring a smoother and more reliable process.

Achieve Quicker Time to Market

Embrace parallel development, slash cycle times, and deliver products to market faster than ever before.

Build Team Collaboration

Keep both the client and service teams in sync with a central repo defining  a clear and agreed-upon definition of the API spec.

Learning outcomes

why integrations are ineffective

Sync, async, etc., their common design issues and how to overcome them.

Represent API Designs by leveraging API Specification standards such as OpenAPI.

Learn the fundamentals of leveraging API Specifications as Executable Contracts.

How it helps Services / API Providers (Contract as Test) and Clients / API Consumers (Contract as Stubs / Smart Mocks).

Foster better API Design by collaborating effectively at team, division and organization level through a Central Contract Repository.

Understand the metrics to track and how you can learn from them.

Specification Standards

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